Who We Are

Who We Are

The Schoodic Riverkeepers are a growing group of Passamaquoddy Tribal members who have come together to make positive political and social change.  To raise awareness about…. the value of clean water, the true history of exploitation of the natural resources, the need for ecosystem restoration and the need to take responsible action as caretakers of the Earth.  To bring positive change in perceptions and consciousness of the people through education and communication of the Indigenous perspective using common sense, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Wisdom and modern science as the foundation.  This perspective is often overlooked by mainstream society and if considered can help heal the environment.

As first nation original stewards of this land and water we believe that the Natural ecosystems and related Natural Communities have an inalienable and fundamental right to exist, flourish and evolve. We also recognize that water has a right to be clean and flow unobstructed and that the fish have a right to spawn and to live out their natural history and life cycles.

The Schoodic Riverkeepers dedicate our efforts toward building a healthy and productive environment through restoring the damage done in our Homeland. Recognizing that our mission is best accomplished in collaboration with our neighbors we advocate for the development of partnerships to realize a collective vision.

Currently with little to no resources the Schoodic Riverkeepers are working closely with the tribe and the federal government to help preserve Passamaquoddy values and culture, build tribal capacity in fisheries ecology and science based research and restore traditional food sources.

Brian Altvater
First nation original stewards

“The Schoodic Riverkeepers web site is made possible from funding provided by the Broad Reach Fund of the Maine Community Foundation”